Early Access Launch in Pakistan

Binance Spot Trading on Steroids

Kryptov is a cloud cryptocurrency trading app that maximizes trading profits while minimizing risk and loss. Connect Kryptov to your Binance account and trade on Binance as usual, receive Telegram alerts on order processing, custom price/percentage alerts e.g. price is 2% up in 1h period, readable trade history with analytics e.g. complete profit/loss stats since you started trading on Binance.

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Standard Plan

$0.002 per price alert

Only for price alerts, order alerts are free

0.1% trading fee

For example if you are trading BNBUSDT with $1000 then pay only $1 trading fee

Frequently Asked Question

There's no monthly fee, so we take only 0.1% of trading amount. We also take $0.002 per price alert and order alerts are free, e.g. Buy / Sell order alerts via Telegram.

You create Binance API keys on Binance app or website then simply save the API key and secret in Kryptov account, that's it. You also need to enter your Telegram user id for alerts, you can skip this but it's recommended. Read this article to learn how to link Binance with Kryptov.

Currently Kryptov is in early access which means we are still working to make it ready for stable launch. In early access you can experience some weird bugs but no need to worry about your assets/coins because everything is stored on Binance, we do not have permission to trade or withdraw.

100%, all of your assets/coins are always on Binance network. We can not trade or withdraw, only you can do that on your phone via Binance app and we just read the Binance recent activity and update you via Telegram.

Simply send us a message via Messenger https://m.me/kryptovofficial or send us an email [email protected] we'll reply as soon as possible and assist you in registration.