Binance Spot Trading on Steroids


Kryptov is a web app that maximizes crypto trading profits while minimizing risk and loss. Receive Telegram alerts on order processing, advanced price alerts, trade history with analytics. Kryptov offers many features which are not possible on Binance itself.

Order Alerts

When your Binance order is fulfilled, you can get an alert via Telegram or Email.

binance order alerts via telegram
binance price percentage alerts via telegram

Advanced Price Alerts

You can set custom advanced price alerts e.g. price percentage/change alerts.

Pair Statistics

You can easily check total pair trade history with other stats e.g. min, max and avg buy & sell prices with total loss and profit for a specific pair.

binance pair pnl
binance order history

Order History

You can use filters to quick search past open, processed or completed orders for any specific trading pair.

Daily Report

Receive daily Binance report for all of your accounts. You can see total Spot wallet value in USD/BTC and PNL for last 30 days as well.

daily binance account report

Simple Pricing

$0.20 / day