Getting Started – Binance + Kryptov

Welcome to Kryptov, let’s make your Binance journey easier. But first there are a few steps to build a bridge between Binance and Kryptov so let’s get started.

First we need to register an account on Kryptov so visit after account registration verify your provided email address. That’s all we need to set up a Kryptov account now let’s move to step 2 where we’ll integrate Binance into Kryptov account.

Now we need to create Binance API key which can be used to interact with your Binance account. Open Binance app on your phone and click on Home then More as shown in the screenshot:


Now you see different services just scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap API Management follow the screenshot below:


On new page, type in the name and click on Create API:


Now it asks for authorization before creating new Binance API credentials, based on your security settings it may ask for phone, email and 2fa:


After successful authentication you’ll be redirected back to previous page with success message API key created, tap on Edit and also tap on little arrow down icon as shown in the screenshot below:


Swipe/scroll down to see more details, you’ll see API Key and Secret Key, make sure to never share these keys except Kryptov if you think someone else has access to these keys then simply delete and create new API/Secret keys.


Copy the API Key and Secret Key and paste in their relevant text fields on profile settings page and click on Save button to save the changes, and we are done.


Congratulations, we have successfully linked Binance with Kryptov now one last thing which is super easy to configure is the Telegram integration so that you can receive instant notifications about your orders, price/percentage alerts so let’s get it done.

Open your Telegram app on your phone and tap on top right corner on the search icon and type in kryptovbot tap on the searched with name Kryptov Bot:


Start the message conversation and send myid to this bot, it will reply with your numeric Telegram User ID copy it, and make sure not to delete chat with Kryptov Bot because it will remove the permission to receive alerts on your end:


Now paste it in the profile settings page and save just like you did with API Key and Secret Key:


Now you are all set to start your Binance + Kryptov journey, and we believe you are going to enjoy it.

Any questions, send us a message on Facebook Messenger @ or scroll down to our social media profiles.


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