Telegram or Email Based Binance Spot Trading Notifications

One of the main problems that came in trading is that we can’t focus on every trade. Kryptov provides you with the most efficient way to connect with your trade status whether it is processed or not. Get real-time order processing notifications on your selected method like Telegram or Email or even via Text Message on your mobile. Get unlimited Binance order notifications on Telegram.

Notification Types

Get different kinds of notifications through Kryptov mentioned below:

  • Price Alert
  • Percentage Price Alert
  • Periodic Price Alert
  • Order Processing

Price Alert

Get notified when a coin goes above or below a specified price target.

Percentage Price Alert

Get notified when a coin changes in value by a specific percent.

Periodic Price Alert

Get notified of the price of a coin at regular intervals.

Order Processing

Telegram/Email notification when Binance order is created, canceled, or filled.

How to get Binance order notifications on Email?

This option is enabled by default. If you set up a Telegram to get notificatons for order processing then this option gets disabled.

How to get Binance order notifications on Telegram?

To get Binance order notifications on Telegram you must have to follow the steps carefully.

Create an Account On Kryptov

You must sign up on our site to get started. Once you have registered yourself & connected your Binance account with Kryptov. You are free to follow the steps below.

If you haven’t connected your Binance account with Kryptov you must read our previous article “Getting Started – Binance + Kryptov

Telegram Setup

  • Open the Telegram app and search our Kryptov bot there.
  • Type “@KryptovBot” in the search bar and click the bot.
  • Click on start.
  • Now type “myid” to get the id.
  • Copy the id.

To get a clear idea see the pictures below

Telegram Setup For Binance Order Notifications
  • Now copy the telegram id and paste it into the user profile section.
Kryptov App View
Kryptov App View
  • That’s it. You are ready to receive Binance order notifications on your Telegram.


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