Complete Binance Spot Trade History Analyzer

Due to the higher volatility of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Etherium (ETH), or Solana (SOL), it’s good to keep track of your transaction history and get a better idea of where you stand financially. With us, you can check the complete Binance spot trade history.

Why do we need Kryptov to check Binance spot trade history?

Though tracking a trade history on Binance is difficult to follow and it requires going back and forth multiple times if you want to check the trade history of multiple coins. Moreover, you can not check the trade history older than 3-months. So here we came up with the solution. You can check your trade history at ease with Kryptov.

Additional Benefits:

Not only you can get the trade history you can also see some additional benefits. You will know about the complete coin stats like the maxmin average prices you buy that coin. Same case with the selling part like when you sell your coins, what’s the maximum price at which you sell your coins & what’s the average price you sell your coins. Also, know about the current profit of the coin the day you start to trade that specific coin.

complete pair statistics of a coin
complete binance spot trade history of a coin

How to get complete Binance spot trade history with Kryptov?

  • Connect your account with Binance (ignore if you have connected your account already). If you haven’t connected your account with Binance you have to follow this article first Getting Started With Kryptov.
  • Alright. Everything is ready now. 
  • Simply click on the Trade History. See the picture below for more clarity.
kryptov navbar

Now search the pair & you are ready to go. You will get the complete statistics of the coin of your choice along with complete trade history when you buy and sell your coin. Also, get how much profit you are in currently.


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