Binance Order Alert Notifications On Twitter or Telegram

binance order alert notification

Getting notifications of something in real-time that’s the only thing you want desperately sometimes. In trading, alerts play a significant role in decision-making. Kryptov provides you with a solution where you can get real-time Binance Order Alert Notifications with some other reminders.

Binance Order Alert Notifications On Telegram

Here we discuss only one method of alert. As we have already discussed, how can you get real-time order notifications of Binance? You can read the complete article by going through the link below:

Telegram or Email Based Binance Order Alerts Notifications

Why We Need Binance Alerts On Twitter?

As we know every good crypto exchange, as well as a good project, must have a Twitter profile. Most importantly many famous crypto trades have an account on Twitter with a giant user base. They post their analysis on different coins regularly. They often try to tell us if some coin crosses some specific price then it will get into the important buy zone. We often forget to take an entry at that time when a coin came into the buy zone.

For example, see the picture below of how you can get benefitted from Kryptov.

binance order alert notification on twitter

Binance Alert Notificaions On Twitter

You will get real-time alerts of any coin you want according to the price variation. For example, you can get an alert when BTC is above or below some specific price.

Follow the steps:

-Search “@KryptovOfficial” in a search bar.

binance alert notifications

-Follow Kryptov’s official Twitter account.

-Now you have to type in a specific format to get a Binance order alert on Twitter

For example, if you want to get an update on Twitter when the BTC price goes above 50000 you have to type in a format mentioned below

“alert if btcusdt>50000”

binance order notifications of twitter

The same is the case for the alert of price decline like mentioned below

“alert if btcusdt<50000” 

That’s it. Now, whenever the price exceeds you will get notified in the comment section. See the picture below to get the clear idea.

get real time price alerts of the coin on twitter

If you want to learn more about what kind of helping tools Kryptov is providing. You can watch the video below to get a complete idea of how to work with Kryptov.–AwFBUivYU


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